How to Classify Car Phone Holder Products

Today, you may see a car vent phone holder, and the same day, you may see another hanging on the dashboard. This may confuse you as to which one of the phone holders is best for your use. In this guide, we will be showing you the different classifications for car phone holders.

Based on their products

The easiest classification of car phone holders is the product class. This class defines the style used to make the car phone holder. Based on this classification, there are two categories of the car phone holder market; magnetic and spring car phone holders. The names of these product types already explain their use, but there are more things to know. Let’s take a look at these two classes;


The magnetic car phone holder, as the name implies, works with a magnet. There are hardly any metals around the dashboard, vents, or windscreen of your car. Hence, you may wonder how the magnet comes to play. The back of the magnetic car phone holders does not have any magnets. Instead, it contains the necessary design to hang on the vent or any other place you want to place it.

The magnet is usually within the device itself, and the primary purpose is to ensure your phone remains firm regardless of any bumpy movement. You may need to put some metal behind your phone or find a corresponding case to have your phone glued to the device.

This can be disadvantageous because your phone can connect to any magnet at any point. Also, these mounts can be too small if your phone is large. Brands like Ugreen have the most flexible designs for this type.


This is the more common product classification of car phone holders. It held a larger market share in 2019 and is still expected to grow more than the magnetic option. The most common reason is the convenience it brings when you have a large phone. There are varying sizes of this product based on the different phone sizes globally. The larger phone sizes are primarily not designed for use on the dashboard or windscreen. This is to avoid any distractions because of the phone size. Brands like Ugreen, however, innovate the most convenient way to place it within your car so that it will not disturb the user and passengers.

Based on their mount design

This classification is the one known and recognized by the layman. It is easy to identify because you get it based on where the car phone holder is placed. Most of the time, there are different places within your car that you can place based on your preference and phone size. Some of the most common locations include;

  • Air clip
  • Suction pad for both dashboard and windscreen
  • Sticky


You may have wondered how there can be many forms of car phone holders. But with the information in this guide, you can realize that one brand can have multiple types. Mostly thoughtful brands like Ugreen understand the different types of smartphones globally, and they strive to satisfy all possible users. This is one reason they stand out amongst other brands.