Types of TV Boxes in The Market to Try Today

So, if you’re looking to get entertained and have decided to buy a TV box from the market, you might have noticed a wide product range there. And that might have created a confusion, haven’t it? That’s why this article intends to explain the types of TV boxes currently in the market, so you can choose the best product that suits your taste and preferences. Keep reading to learn more. Alternatively, you can visit site of Geniatech to get their complete product catalog.

Types Of TV Boxes

In a nutshell, there are different types of TV boxes currently available in the global market and below is a brief list:

· Set Top Box (STB)

This is the very basic genre of entertainment boxes. An STB by Geniatech will allow you to connect your cable TV connection, pen drive, memory cards, laptops, mobile phone, etc. to showcase the content on your television. This is the most straightforward option for those who don’t want much hassle in their entertainment setup. You’ll need a TV, an STB box by geniatech, and a content source such as flash drive, etc.

· Android TV Box

When talking about Android TV box, it comes with a built-in Android OS support, so you can install apps of your own and enhance your entertainment experience. This is a superior version of a standard STB since you can surf content websites, play games, and watch on-demand videos. That’s the power of an Android TV box. However, that would demand a steady and fast internet connection to pull the content from the internet to your screen.

· Android Hybrid Box

So, if you’ve got a provision for local IP network content, you can go for a hybrid box. This box allows connecting IP-based video connection and also allows watching the content from the internet at the same time. That’s why its named hybrid box. However, if you don’t have any local IP network content, don’t go for a hybrid box.

· OTT Box

An OTT box pulls the content from the internet and displays on the television. It’s like an Android TV box but is kind of different. The OTT box doesn’t work with cable connection or satellite signals. The satellite signals get weak during bad weather or dense clouds. As a result, you’ll get disrupted output, which is resolved by the OTT box. Since it pulls the media from the internet, it’s bypassing the satellite signals and cable TV connection. As a result, you’ll get smooth and crisp content display irrespective of poor weather conditions.

· Android Dongle

Dongles were a great hit during the 90s. Therefore, geniatech bought the concept of Android dongle, which features built-in Android OS support and pre-installed apps. You just need a USB port in your TV to plug it in like a flash drive and boom! You’ll get a blockbuster entertainment session such as on-demand videos, access to video websites, etc. since it has Android OS support. Android dongles come in different shapes and sizes and are a bit bulky as compared to regular pen drives.


By the end of this article, you might have got an idea of different TV boxes in the market. Read all the details to understand what type of box suits you the most. Then buy it from the official geniatech website for genuine products with warranty and free global shipping. Good luck!